Car Removal Fairlie

Get the Best Price when Scrapping your Car in Fairlie

Let’s get right down to brass tacks. At  Car Collection New Zealand, we can get you the best price when scrapping your car in Fairlie. Our ability to do this is helped along vastly by our status as the South Canterbury’s biggest used car buyers, ensuring that wherever you live in Mackenzie District, we’ll know a trusted dealer right nearby.

Car Removal Fairlie

Additionally, our commitment to providing a hassle free car removal service means that you can get the best prices with the absolute bare minimum of form-filling, so that everything is as easy for you as possible. That’s just how we do things here at Car Collection!

All Types of scrap vehicle and WOF Failure Removed (scrap cars, light commercial vehicles, vans etc.) CALL 0800 576 911

• Late model salvage car (or cars)
• Any scrap & salvage car (or cars) that are an WOF Failure
• Any scrap & salvage car (or cars) that are an insurance write-off
• Any scrap & salvage car (or cars) that are tax expired or broken down
• Scrap or salvage trucks, vans or other vehicles ready for the salvage yard.

Here are a few services we can offer you:

• Unwanted Cars Removal
• Damaged Car Removal for Scrap
• Car Disposal
• Junk Car Removal
• Old Car Removal
• Scrap Car Removal
• Wrecked Cars
• No wheels? No Problems!
• Rusted Out? We’ll Clear it out!
• Incomplete or Damaged? Just the way we like them

Why Choose Car Collection to Scrap Your Car in Mackenzie District?

At Car Collection, we’ve helped hundreds of happy motorists get some cash for their old car, with many coming back time and time again. When you scrap your old car with us, you benefit from the following:
·       We offer an instant valuation which is 100% no obligation. 
·       Over 12 years’ experience removing scrap cars in Canterbury.
·       We have 3 locations in New Zealand, offering full coverage of both islands. 
·       You can relax knowing that your scrap car is recycled in a legal and environmentally friendly way.
·       We can help you with all paperwork to ensure that the car is no longer registered in your name.  

Damaged Car Removal Fairlie– Motors Recovery Services

We pick-up old cars from domestic households, under-ground parking, garages, cars that parked in tight alleyways, crashed cars, burned out cars, insurance write-offs and any kind of scrap cars.
Definitely comes a point with every car when it’s no longer working properly or safe to prolong its life. What’s more, if it’s not roadworthy you could end up with points on your driving license or a fine. So if your car’s reaching the end of the road and considering recycling your old car, van, or 4×4, So, what are you waiting for, give Car Removal Fairlie team a call on 0800 576 911 and we’ll take care of all the car disposal requirement so there’s nothing for you to worry about.