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At Taha Auto Ltd, we want a better tomorrow by caring about today’s environment. We believe in 100% recycling. We do our responsibilities for the environment by providing the best service for unwanted Vehicle removals throughout New Zealand. , our knowledge of the industry contributes to the business’ reputation for prompt, professional service. We love vehicles, yes you read it right we love all sorts of cars. Every one of the Taha Auto team knows the workings of every make of car inside and out, from engine to tyres. And when we’re not working on cars, we’re driving them.

Taha Auto has been servicing New Zealanders since 1997 and is one of the biggest vehicles recycling company in New Zealand. Taha Auto Ltd  has been in business since late 90s and is dedicated to implementing the best recycling practices, pollution control and prevention and complies with environmental regulations. We always ensure that our efforts to help save our environment for future generations are our primary concerns. To help promote Green Auto Recycling we ensure that every car we recycle is crushed and sent to a metal refinery. Car for Cars work closely to help prevent any environmental contamination that could occur at salvage yard operations. We help prevent any soil, groundwater or air that can be contaminated during vehicle dis-assembly and fluid drainage operations. We simply pay the best price in town for your unwanted vehicles. We also offer affordable second hand car, van, Ute, 4wd and truck parts. So call and talk one of our friendly team. CONVERT YOUR TRASH INTO INSTANT CASH! If you are looking to sell a car or truck, you can contact us today; not only do we buy cars and trucks, but we also offer same-day pickup services with our in-house tow trucks. We also have cars that are just too good to dismantle, so if you are in the market to purchase a vehicle, you should contact us at 0800-576-911 to find out about our car removal and car recycling services for old unwanted junk scrap damaged not running cars utes vans and trucks. Contact us today, and experience prompt, professional service at the right price. Read more about about auto green businesses in major New Zealand cities:

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