Car Scrappers Wellington

Need To Sell Your Vehicle Fast?

Car Scrappers Wellington

Car Scrappers Wellington is a Wellington based company who specialises in helping those who are looking for a reliable, fast, easy and hassle free way to sell their vehicle. Wellington car wreckers also offer a no obligation free quotation service so if your not fully decided on whether you would like to sell or not or are just curious as to the current market value, simply get in touch by phone on 0800 429 227 or fill out our contact form with your current information and we will be in touch with you to make an offer.

Then once you are happy and are ready to proceed we make arrangements to come to your location at your convenience whether that be your home or workplace and take a look. Our bid is then confirmed and once the paperwork is finalized we hand over the payment to you and remove your vehicle free of charge.

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Scrap Car Collection Wellington

In addition to free collection and car valuation, our customers are treated in the friendliest and most professional way in : our responses are always as fast as possible, and the money offered is always fair and paid to you quickly! Our expert staff scrap your parts with high consideration of recycling and disposing of them in the most environmentally friendly way, as handling the disposal of recyclable materials is a key focus of our service.

Once you receive a quote that you’re happy with, one of our Wellington drivers will arrange a collection service, completely free of charge! When the scrap car is removed, one of our friendly drivers will arrange for the payment that you were offered in your quote. Once your car is delivered to one of our Lower Hutt scrap yards, a scrapper from our team of professionals will break it whilst ensuring that we recycle as many parts of the vehicle as we can during disposing of materials – being friendly to the environment is a key part of what our scrapping experts do; you can always rely on us to be green and eco-friendly!

We offer cash for old cars, vans, 4×4’s and most other types of motorized transport. We also purchase vehicles that have collision damage due to an accident even if it has been assessed to be non-economical to repair. In addition, to heavy or cosmetic exterior damage, also accepted with any kind of mechanical damage like an over heated engine or a faulty suspension for example.

Why Use  Car Scrappers Wellington Service?

1. Maybe you have a car that you owe money on that you would like to get out of. We can help to take that burden off your shoulders and turn it into cash in your pocket.

2. Your looking at a major repair bill and it just doesn’t make sense financially to pour more money into it.

3. Much higher running costs than you initially expected so its time to change to something more economical to better suit your needs.

Sell Your Car For Cash in Wellington

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If you are in a hurry to sell or are just looking for the most hassle free way to do so then we can certainly help. Below we have listed some of the benefits you will receive from allowing Car Scrappers Wellington to take care of everything for you:

  • Vehicle recovery. That’s right. If it is damaged or is not in a safe condition to drive, We will cover the cost of recovery, not you.
  • Fast payment! We make our payment to you upon collection whether be that at your home or workplace.
  • A Vat Invoice with every purchase. Every transaction that we are involved in is above board and 100% legal. A Vat invoice protects the rights of each party and ensures compliance with all the relevant laws.
  • Speed. It won’t take weeks, days or even hours. The whole process usually takes less than thirty minutes and can even be done over the phone!
  • Time! No more of your time wasted placing advertisements and having to deal with random phone calls from strangers and tyre kickers.

Let Car Collection do the hard work, so you don’t have to. We have a huge network of end of life vehicle collectors ready to pay money for your scrap vehicle. We compare hundreds of prices, and source the best quote for your vehicle.

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