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Cash for Cars Invercargill & Bluff, Free Towing

Everyone needs money.  Have you been in a car crash?  Got an old car parked in your yard, just gathering dust?  Or maybe you have one too many cars… and need cash fast.  You’ve come to the right place.  Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland offers cash for cars.  Any make.  Any model.  Running or not.  Junk cars, old cars & new cars.  Trucks & Vans too!  It’s Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland to the rescue! 0800576911

Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland

Top Cash for Unwanted Vehicles Southland Region

Cars get old. They get rusty, become unreliable and break down. Most people just cave in and sell their vehicle to the lowest bidder, just to get some sort of value out of their old vehicle. Do not settle for less or be ripped off ever again when selling your unwanted cars. If you’ve got unwanted, or you require a professional car wrecker in Invercargill then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland, we pay good cash for all sorts of cars that are no longer roadworthy. No matter if it’s been in an accident, neglected for years, or simply won’t start – we are more than happy to come take it off your hands. Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland offers the best value for all vehicles. Our towers evaluate every car that comes onto our lot.

They have the expertise to offer the highest price period on what the actual value that your car is worth. If you think your car is hard to sell, Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland will sell it. All you need to do is tell us: “sell my car!” We will be happy to pay top dollar for your unwanted car, van, 4×4, and truck.

 Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland – Spare Parts

Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland is based in Invercargill servicing for all types of Scrap Cars, Unwanted Cars, Junk Cars, Free Car Removals, Wrecked Cars, Smashed Cars, throughout Southland region. We offer Cash for Scrap Cars, specialize in Old Car Removals, Car Wreckage Removal, Recycling of old cars and Scrap Truck Recycling.

Here at Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland we believe in creating minimal waste and getting the most out of every single vehicle we recycle. After we have removed all useable parts and stripped off all components of value we then crush the metal and send it for recycling. This produces minimizes waste and environmental impact. This is part of what makes us one of the leading Invercargill based car wreckers.

Car Recycling & Auto Salvage in Invercargill

Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland has been proud to serve Invercargill, Southland community for all these years. We know that if you get sufficient cash for cars, you will be back time and time again with every clunker that you acquire. Call us today, or stop by our lot. Car Wreckers Invercargill Southland pay cash, buy or recycle Scrap Metals, Scrap Cars or Vehicles at a good rate. We pay you cash for your scrap on the spot. We provide you with transport and staff to collect Scrap Cars, where it is possible. 0800576911

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