Car Salvage Otara

Here at Car Collection we provide new and used car parts to the public and trade, and carry a large stock of motor salvage vehicles. We believe we are at the pinnacle of leading car dismantlers and auto recyclers in Auckland today.

Established in late 90s on the outskirts of Auckland, we soon expanded and relocated into the Car Salvage Otara with two branches the first in East Tamaki and the second in Otara. Both branches have the latest equipment and methods for providing cash for cars and second hand parts services.

Car Collection Is A Specialist Car Breaker & Removal Company

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We deal with quality used car and vehicle parts as well as repairable auction salvage. We take delivery of insurance salvage vehicles on a daily basis from around New Zealand; as such our stock is constantly being updated.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please call a member of our helpful team on 0800 786 587 or head over to our contact page and we’ll see if we can help you.

Used Car Parts Prices At Car Salvage Otara

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If you cannot find your part listed in the price list we probably don’t sell it as a stand-alone part. Some parts are not sold separately. Please check with Car Salvage Otara staff on 0800 786 587.
NB: Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Mechanical Parts  Prices
  • Engines: from $250
  • Cylinder Heads: from $149
  • Gearboxes: from $179
  • Transmissions: from $200
  • Diffs: from $169
  • Panel Parts  Prices
  • Bonnets: from $129
  • Guards: from $79
  • Doors : from $139
  • Boots: from $99
  • Bumpers: from $129
  • Spoilers: from $89
  • Suspension Parts Prices
  • Struts: from $79
  • Steering Racks: from $89
  • Axles: from $129
  • Hubs: from $99
  • Wheels: from $20
  • Auto Glass Parts Prices
  • Screens: from $99
  • Door Glass: from $69
  • Side Glass: from $55
  • Hatch Glass: from $60
  • Quarter Glass: from $39
  • Trim Parts Prices
  • Seats: from $99
  • Seat Belts: from $49
  • Dash Board Parts: from $20
  • Consoles: from $50
  • Other Parts Prices
  • Mag Wheels: from $39
  • Stereos: from $20
  • Tow Bars: from $69
  • Window Regulators: from $50
  • Mirrors: from $60
  • Radiators: from $70
  • Tyres: from $29
  • Electrical Parts Prices
  • Headlights: from $99
  • Taillights: from $89
  • Starters: from $89
  • Alternators: from $99
  • Distributors: from $79
  • Window Master Switches: from $50
  • Fuel System Parts Prices
  • Injector Pumps : from $189
  • Inter-coolers: from $60
  • Fuel Pumps: from $49
  • Petrol Tanks: from $5

Car Removal Services Otara, Auckland

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Are you looking for a way to legally and safely dispose of your unwanted or wrecked vehicles? Recycle your junk car by contacting Car Salvage Otara team. We are always happy to accept vehicle donations, and we pay good prices for unwanted vehicles. Auckland car removal operates a “Cash for Car Removal” program in our Otara and East Tamaki areas.

We remove all Japanese, European, Korean, Malaysian Brands. Some of the brands include:

Before Collection please make sure to remove any belongings from the vehicle and get ready the following:

1. Proof of Photo ID (License/Passport)

2. Proof of Ownership

3. Clear Access for Towing

Taha Auto New Zealand Most Trusted Auto Wrecking Company

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Disclaimer: The brand names, trademarks or any other Proprietary designations of motor vehicles are only used for reference purposes on these web pages. No affiliation exists between “Taha Auto Ltd” and any of the brand manufacturers

We have collection centers in other major cities around New Zealand. Our locations are:

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. All of our parts are tried and tested. We can supply most parts for most vehicles. Some off the shelf and most removed off the vehicles when required.

Our trained Car Salvage Otara staff are easy to talk to and between us we have many years of experience and knowledge in the used vehicle parts business.