Car Removal Service in Hastings

The Best Deal for Your Old Scrap Car in Hastings

Whether you can’t be bothered selling your car or it’s no WOF,
we’ll make sure to pay you what your car is really worth.

Car Removal Service in Hastings

Why go with Car Collection Now?

Wondering why so many people in Hastings trust Car Collection now for their old and unwanted cars?
Here’s why:

  1. When you trade your car with us, you get instant cash – up to $9,999!
  2. We service all of Hastings and its outer areas, providing free towing and car removal. We’re always here to help!
  3. Our prompt and professional removalist will be at your home on time and with the proper equipment for the job.
  4. As scrap metal specialists, we pay you what your car is really worth.


Our car removal services are FREE in Hastings and the neighboring regions. For us, no vehicle is worthless, even if it has been broken, damaged, old or unwanted we buy them all for top cash.

Unlike other junkyards or unscrupulous car removal companies, we will not ask you for a dime when you opt for our Car Removal Services In Hastings. Instead, we will happily tow the car away, while leaving you with good cash in your pocket.


Since no car is worthless for us, we are delighted to let you know that we accept all car makes and models for the top price. Even if your car is not road worthy, we know and understand that no car will ever be valued at zero worth and due to this, your car will always have value, which we will be glad to pay all the time.

Diverse car removal services

With the experience and expertise possessed by our cash for cars team, we do more than just tow your old or unwanted cars away. You can trust us for the following services as well-:

  • Scrap car removal – this helps you find the right disposal for your scrap cars, irrespective of how old or dilapidated they may appear.
  • Accident car removal – you car got involved in an accident, but the cost of repairing it seems higher than its actual value? No need to worry! We remove all kinds of accidents cars and pay you commensurately for them.
  • Damaged car removal – whether it is due to flood, hail or any other damage, we will still remove the car for you.
  • Junk car removal – it doesn’t matter whether the car is still in operable condition or it stalled decades ago. Simply give us a call and we will come for the removal.
  • Used car removal – you have an old car you no longer have use for or you just want to get rid of your current used one and pool funds to get a new one, you can always count on us for the best-used car removal rates in New Zealand.


    • How do I get rid of my old car in Hastings?

If you are in Hastings, You don’t have to worry about getting your old Car removed. We at Car Collection not only buys your old unwanted vehicle But also gives a Free Car Removal. All you have to do is ring us up at 0800 576 911 or mail us at with your vehicle details. We will give an online quote based on these details. If the terms are acceptable, we will get rid of that old car in a professional and Eco-friendly way.

    • How do you scrap a car in Hastings?

Now you can scrap a car in just a day. All you need to do is call us on 0800 576 911. We will get the detail of your vehicle and give you the best quote. You are free to accept or reject the offer from us. But we always make sure that our offer is the best in the industry. Now with Car Collection, you can get the best offer for your scrap car. Get up to 9000$ for your scrap cars now from Car Collection.

    • Do you have to pay to have your car scrapped?

We at Car Collection pays you to get your car scrapped. Irrespective of the vehicle condition or its make, model or brand, you can get up to 9000$ for it. Now why wait when we pay you to get your vehicle scrapped. Call us now at 0800 576 911 and get your car scrapped and earn in the process. The best Car Removal agency in Hastings is ready to assist you with scrapping your vehicle.

    • How do I get rid of my car in Hastings?

To get rid of your car, all you have to do is call on 0800 576 911, or mail us at share your car details with our experts and get a quick cash quote. For those processes, you need to submit proof of ownership of the vehicle and also need a confirmation that the vehicle is free of debt. All the above satisfy us, we offer quick and easy Car Removals.

    • Are scrap cars worth anything?

Car Collection, pay from $300 to $9999 for any make model cars in any condition. So you can get a good rate for your scrap car today itself by calling us at 0800 576 911, or mail us at After the valuation of your vehicle, we present you with the most accurate quote. Our Used Car appraisers will also consider some factors which can eventually fetch a decent price for your car.

  • Which of your services are free?

Not all service that is offered by Car Collection in Hastings is Free. We buy old, accident, broken, used, damaged cars of any makes and models. You can schedule our service by calling us at 0800 576 911, or by mail at We Guarantee free Towing and Paper Works

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