King Auto Commercial Services

Here at King Auto commercials, we bend over backward to provide to our customers the best truck removal service possible. We believe that everyone in the North Island that drives a truck needs to have a solid way to be able to get rid of it once it bites the dust. Otherwise, they will be forced to give it away, or dump it in a landfill, lest it ends up on their property simply taking up space. This will only result in pollution, and the owner almost literally throwing away cash.

We buy all the different kinds of truck that are out there, including such varieties as the commercial truck and personal truck. If your giant big rig has broken down for good, contact us and we will be overjoyed at the opportunity to buy it. The same goes for 4×4’s and Utes. If it runs just fine but you need some money as fast as you can possibly get it, contact us! Trucks that are in good enough condition can get up to $15000.

Reasons for Choosing King Auto Commercials

The commercial auto wrecking scene is quite crowded, making it harder to know who to choose for your junk automobile disposal needs. A simple search on your favourite search engine will reveal this to be true. It is a good thing King Auto Commercials are here. Instead of trying to figure out the best company to do business with. Just opt for us and you are guaranteed the best service. Here are some of the awesome reasons why this is the case:

  • Same day truck removal – Are you in dire need of a way to sell your truck as quickly as you can? It’s a good thing we are here to make that a possibility. We will take your car on the same day that you contact us in the first place.
  • Cash quotes for no cost – If you need to know the amount your truck is worth, look no further than your phone, which you will use to contact us for a free quote.
  • Friendly customer service – Our customer care is beyond reproach. You won’t get a friendlier or more helpful customer service experience anywhere else.
  • No charge for removal – Our skilled and talented truck removal team will not charge you a cent for the service of removing your truck for you.
  • We buy all makes and models of truck – You won’t have your truck rejected for any reason, least of all the type of truck it is. We buy Utes, 4×4’s, big rigs and everything in between. All makes are wanted too. This includes Hino, Scania, UD, Volvo, Western Star, Mercedes Benz, Mack and FUSO.

A Variety of Services

Here are just some of our great services that are designed specifically with the customer in mind:

  • The purchase of used trucks – There isn’t a used truck we saw that we didn’t like. You might be offering to sell us a used 4×4 of some description. You might be offering to sell us a used Big Rig truck. Whatever kind of truck you need to sell, we want it!
  • We buy junk trucks – Has your truck broken down completely? Turn this calamity into the good fortune of getting a generous cash payment for your junk truck. It matters not how badly damaged it is. We will still buy it even if it is totaled.
  • The purchase of second hand trucks  Second hand trucks are notoriously hard to sell via the more ordinary practices. However, you will have absolutely no hassles with the selling of your second hand truck to us here at Auto Commercials.
  • Old truck removal free of charge – It is certainly true that trucks that are of the broken-down junk variety are not in any state to be driven around. They need to be towed if they are to be transported anywhere. If you are selling us a truck that is badly damaged, we will haul it off for free!
  • Unwanted truck removal – The exact same principal applies to unwanted trucks. They haven’t escaped our free removal clutches.

You Are Invited to Contact Us Today

Trucks that have reached the unfortunate end of their lives need to sell too. Not just trucks that are in good working condition. We will buy either of those examples of automotive technology. Contact us at 0800 70 70 99 OR 021 898 344 or contact us online using the simple and easy to fill out form on our main page. You will not be sorry!

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