How Much Do Wreckers Pay for Cars in Wellington

How Much Do Wreckers Pay For Unwanted Or Scrap Vehicles In Wellington

Do you have an unwanted, damaged vehicle at your property that you desperately want to sell for cash? If yes, then the best way to get rid of that vehicle is by selling it to car wreckers in Wellington. While many think that an old, non-running, or junk car is no more than a worthless piece, it can be a treasure for an auto wrecking business. Yes, that’s true! People dealing in the wrecking business often look for such vehicles and are ready to pay the best amount to buy that vehicle.

How Much Do Wreckers Pay for Cars in Wellington

However, if you are keen to sell your old vehicle, then you must know how much exactly they are going to pay you. When the wreckers evaluate your cars, they consider a few things that help them in evaluating the car. Wondering what those things can be? Here is the list of a few points that auto wreckers look for in a vehicle.

How Much Will the Wreckers Pay for My Car?

If you live in Greater Wellington and own an unwanted car, you will have by now heard of the many advantages of choosing a reputable Car Wrecker like We Pay Cash for Cars Wellington.

We pay the industry’s most competitive Cash for Cars rates in Wellington up to $9,999. Although many Auto Wreckers pay only up to $5,000, our honest and accurate deals are based on what your vehicle really deserves.

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That’s Great that You Pay Exceptional Cash for Cars Rates…But What About My Car That’s Damaged, Old and Wrecked?

Not a problem: you can receive Wellington’s best Cash for Cars deals, even if your vehicle is in poor condition. We buy vehicles no matter what shape they’re in, so if you’re worried your Junk Car that’s no longer working is destined for the landfill, worry no more!

Get Wellington’s Top Cash for Cars deals even for:

  •         Flood Damaged Cars
  •         Scrap Cars
  •         Wrecked Cars
  •         Written-Off Cars
  •         Registered/Unregistered Cars
  •         Broken Down Cars
  •         Mechanical Fault Cars
  •         Accident Cars
  •         Unwanted Cars
  •         Worn-Out Cars
  •         Salvage Cars

What Wreckers Want to Know About Your Car?

When selling an automobile to a wrecking company, these are the things that will have an impact on the value of your car:

  • Engines: Engines are quite valuable. An engine in good condition will raise the value of your car by quite a lot.
  • Car Model: The more popular a model is, the more in demand and there-fore the more valuable.
  • Authentic Parts: If your vehicle is a very popular make of car, any original parts on it that are in good condition will be worth good money.
  • Scrap Value: This value fluctuates depending on the current market value of scrap metal.
  • Systems: If the brake system on your vehicle is in good condition it will be valuable, as well as the suspension, shocks, transmission and steering.

A vehicle that is in great condition can make thousands of dollars. If this sounds like something you would want to do, you may be interested in getting a price quote. This is easy.

How Do I Receive Wellington’s Top Car Wreckers Service?

Our process is easy: give us a call or contact car collection online and provide a full description of your car, from its make, model, the age to its condition. In a few minutes, we’ll have an offer ready for you which you can take your time in consideration.

Next, accept our deal and then schedule your Wellington car removal service with us.

Lastly, our team will arrive and complete all the necessary procedures, including your on-the-spot cash for cars payment and Free Car Removal. All in all, this should take about half an hour or less!

Get a Quote from Wellington’s Leading Car Wrecking Company

So, you are keen on selling your car to a wrecking company. If you want a good quote, you should try contacting All you need to do is contact us either by calling 00800 576 911 or by going to our website and locating the quote request form on the main page.

We will need some details about your car. This includes the make, model, age and condition your vehicle is in. We buy all makes and models, and offer free removal for junk cars. This is the fastest and easiest way to sell a vehicle, so get in touch with us today! You will be glad you did.